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How Restaurant Owners Can Combine Social Media and Physical Marketing

Combining social media and physical marketing helps improve existing marketing methods. It can also attract potential customers from new channels and lead to greater engagement with your target market. Once a customer is engaged, they are not only more likely … Continue Reading

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How to use Your POS System to Reduce Staff Costs & Increase Profits

Running a small or medium size business is no easy feat and requires a lot of time and financial investment. According to the recent UKHospitality Christie & Co Benchmarking Report (2018), the operating costs for hospitality businesses are at a … Continue Reading

Decisive Tips on Planning Your Inventory for the Year Ahead

An up-close record of your inventory will be the easiest way of improving your bottom line, somehow restaurant managers and owners either forget or don’t know the simplicity of this, yet still they don’t need to be told how important … Continue Reading

prevent theft behind the bar

How to prevent theft behind the bar this festive season

Ultimately in this industry, you will not be able to fully prevent theft and most managers will understand this. Theft constitutes anything from unreported spillage, over-pouring, and free/cheap drink handouts to stolen bottles at the end of the shift. Dishonest … Continue Reading

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Top 3 challenges of a restaurant manager and how to overcome them

Top 3 challenges of a restaurant manager and how to overcome them Managing a restaurant is a tough position to have.  Any position as a manager usually says two things: you are a team leader and you know how to … Continue Reading