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Combining social media and physical marketing helps improve existing marketing methods. It can also attract potential customers from new channels and lead to greater engagement with your target market. Once a customer is engaged, they are not only more likely to visit you in the first place, but they will be more inclined to return to your restaurant. These customers can even become a brand ambassador by convincing their friends and family to visit too.


Implement hashtags in local advertising

This has become a popular technique with businesses that regularly use advertising. Unless you have a memorable and catchy URL, your potential customers are unlikely to type it in and visit it. They are even less likely to remember it for when they’re next at their computer or mobile phone. Hashtags can be snappy, short, and more memorable. Whether you’re running a newspaper advert or even a direct mail campaign, use a well thought out hashtags to encourage viewers and readers to get involved in conversation about your restaurant. Ensure that you are prepared to get involved yourself for the best results.


Offer physical codes to digital customers

Social media management for restaurants can include regular competitions and giveaways. Combining your offline and online marketing doesn’t have to end here. Use a data capture form on your website and encourage visitors to provide their details by offering discounts or codes that can be redeemed at your restaurant. Ensure that you gain appropriate permission to use the capture details, as by doing so you can market to the list time and time again.


Use offline data to drive online marketing and vice versa

The most effective online and offline marketing campaigns are not treated separately, but as an omnichannel campaign. Use your online data to drive offline sales. Collect as much data as possible from EPOS systems and use this to determine the most popular dishes or the most popular accompanying drinks. Combine this knowledge with the offering of online vouchers to your local target market. This way, you have a good idea that you are pushing the products that people really want to buy.

You can also use your online data to drive promotions. Look at the most popular posts on your social media account, and the most frequently visited pages on your site. This can give an indication of what is popular and what is not, and then use this information to deliver effective cold call or direct mail marketing campaigns to bring in new customers.

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