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 Enterprise Stock Control

A powerful yet very easy to use stock control manager with real time stock information, costs, and wastage.

Control multiple suppliers, purchasing, and stock transfer between branches, manufacture in-house stock items from other stock items, carry out stock take and adjustments all from one system.


  • Stock Items – control multiple stock items, how it is purchased and how it is sold. It is possible for each branch to have unique stock items and different suppliers not available to other branches (i.e local producers
  • Stock Centre – you can have a main stock centre or multiple stock centres in a branch, you can also transfer between one Stock Centre to another
  • Suppliers – manage unlimited number of suppliers, assign them to stock items and branches with different price points for easy purchasing and cost control
  • Purchasing & Dispatch – create and issue purchase orders to suppliers or distribution centre (DC), dispatch orders from DC or branch and mark orders as received or part-recieved for accurate stock control
  • FIFO – First-in First-out (FIFO), the system calculates stock usage and costing based on the oldest available stock first and allocates newer stock and it’s cost accordingly
 Head Office Management

Our comprehensive Enterprise solutions enable your head office staff to take full control of your entire operations remotely; manage branches, users, stock, menu changes, offers, discounts, marketing campaigns, advanced reports, and view live sales data from anywhere with an internet connection.

You can choose to schedule or make changes at once across all branches or select individual branches that may have unique offerings or that you may want to operate differently.

 Distribution Centre Management

For multisite enterprises who require Distribution Centre Management (DC), we have created tools to enable individual branches to order stock direct from the DC. The DC can then control the picking and the dispatch of stock items to branches.

Branches also have the ability to request stock from other branches, accept stock transfer requests and mark transfers as received to update stock levels to the correct figure.

 Purchase Order Management

Create and manage purchase orders to suppliers directly from your 3S POS system, track all orders that are placed, received/part-received and paid from one intuitive screen.

Email purchase orders directly to suppliers from the EPOS system and when orders are marked as received or part-received the stock levels update automatically to the correct values.

 Multi-site Management

Our Enterprise Multi-site features give you the ability to control your entire estate located anywhere around the world.

See live sales and reports, make changes to settings, menus, products and prices live or schedule for future dates on either individual sites, groups of sites or across your entire sites.

 Multi Language

If you are expanding out to new territories it is possible to adapt the 3S POS to the local language to give your staff a more familiar experience.

We can convert all system prompts and settings to any language of your choice for maximum efficiency and control.

Hospotality Solutions


 Kitchen Display System

A Kitchen Display System empowers your chef’s and kitchen staff with a wealth of information to better manage table and takeaway orders as they come in.

Process orders more efficiently, save printing costs and improve customer satisfaction.

 Telephone & Online Ordering

When integrated with your telephone line and our online ordering system; we can offer a streamlined process for managing collection and delivery orders over the phone and via your website.

With the touch of a button pull up customer’s details before even answering the phone, view all online orders at a glance and send paid orders automatically to the kitchen for preparation.

 Graphical Table Management

At a glance; see all tables that are available, occupied or ready to pay to manage your seating efficiently with our Graphical Table Manager.

View and control different sections and floors fluidly with intuitive colour codes to notify the status of a table.

Integrated with our table booking system you can have further control of your seating visually with automated solutions to maximise efficiency.

 Live Table Bookings

Live table bookings give you total control over your reservations whether it is a walk-in customer or an online booking. Our smart table configuration tools allow automatic management of your reservations and availability of tables, booking time slots and cancellations.

Integrated with our graphical table management tools; the 3S POS EPOS system can cleverly manage how tables can be combined with min and max covers to manage bookings as efficiently as possible, all in real-time and with minimum human input.

 Handheld Ordering Solutions

Speed up tableside order taking with our handheld ordering solutions.

Have the full power of the 3S POS system in your palms with our handheld tablets for a faster and a more efficient order taking process.

3S POS wireless EPOS handheld devices are one of the modern handheld ordering solutions that lets you easily connect & sync with your EPOS system, making your order taking process quick and easy.

 Scale Integration

3S POS can integrate with most digital scale systems on the market to help speed up your sales.



 Sales Management

Get complete control over your finances and sales management; with the ability to check real-time sales stats and a full breakdown of transactions.

Drill down into specific days, branches and even individual till’s for an in-depth cash control.

Sales management data can be viewed in advanced reports, exported to pdf/excel sheets and even synched with accounting systems to help you stay on top of your finances.


  • Flash Report – see a snapshot of your sales, break-downs and open transactions at the touch of a button during trade
  • Todays Sales – view, ammend or send-back transactions on the day of trade Create invoices, re-print receipts and view CCTV footage of till operator.
  • Previous Sales – view and ammend transactions from previous days. Create invoices, re-print receipts and view CCTV footage of till operator.
  • End Of Day (EOD) – carry out a single or multiple EOD’s for accurate shift sales
  • Blind EOD – allow staff to carry out blind EOD and declare cash without knowing sales figures
  • Banking – record all cash sent to the bank with a paying in slip reference
  • Expenses – record all expenses paid from tills for accurate cash control
  • Transaction Search – easily search a transaction ID to get quick access to its sale details
 Advanced EPOS Business Reports

3S POS advanced EPOS business reports gives you the power to analyse your business data in real-time to make informed decisions on the performance of your entire operation

Our enterprise web portal gives you 24/7 access to your reports anywhere in the world through a web browser on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone device without the need to install any software

Custom reports with graphs and in-depth drill-downs can be created to give you a broader analysis of your operations.


A few examples of available reports:

  • Sales Reports – break down of hourly/daily sales, sales by category and best performers
  • Financial Reports – profit & loss, costs, margins and payroll
  • Stock Reports – stock levels, variances and wastage
  • HR Reports – attendance, labor cost and best performers
  • Security Reports – deletions, no-sale transactions and discounting
  • Marketing Reports – offers, campaigns and vouchers
 Customer Relationship Management

The more you know about your customers the more you learn about your business. All 3S POS systems come ready with an intuitive customer relationship manager to capture vital customer information and behaviour.

With an active loyalty scheme; you can reward customers, see spending habits and customise offers to keep them coming through the door.

Integrated with telephone and online ordering you can streamline your takeaway orders, know who your customer is before picking up the phone and see delivery preferences/distances.


  • Customer Contact Details – store customers personal and prefered contact details
  • Customer Types – assign customer types for special discounts, marketing and loyalty schemes
  • Multiple Delivery Addresses – allow customers to have multiple delivery addresses rather than creating multiple accounts
  • Customer Accounts/Loyalty – see customer loyalty points, credit limits and deposits
  • Customer Preferences – store customer allergies, marketing preferences and likes/dislikes
  • Customer Purchase History – see customers history of purchases and prefered orders
 Loyalty & Promotions Management

Reward your customers for being loyal and they will keep on coming.

Easy to manage customer loyalty schemes, promotional offers and vouchers with integrated social media and email marketing tools to help you manage your campaigns.

Target customers with offers based on their age, gender, last visit, amount spent, location and products purchased.


  • Loyalty Points – control how your customers earn loyalty points, the currency value of a point and how it can be redeemed
  • Discounting – create and configure discount rules based on a singular or groups of products, qualification rules, locations and an offer schedule. Easily create campaigns from offers and share on social media
  • Deals – multibuy deals or discount deals on a particular product or group of products
  • Vouchers – voucher codes can be generated and attached to any discounting offer or deal with a customer use limit or a limit on the overall number of uses, i.e. first 100 customers
  • Campaigns – create targeted customer marketing emails, which can be fully personalized and filtered according to target customer group. Accurately monitor uptake of any offers with voucher codes and automate the timing and frequency of marketing communications
 Attendance & Rota Management

Attendance & Rota Management allows you to plan ahead, keep on top of budgets, see when staff are on holiday and when they are scheduled at other branches.

In Attendance you can monitor actual hours worked (to calculate wages), compare and synchronize these with rota shifts, and prepare and send the data for integration with Sage.

Our biometric attendance adds an extra layer of security and control over your business.


  • Rota Management – easily create the rota for the week, relavant branch and employees. Copy rotas to following weeks, export to pdf and approve rota to automatically email to all employees scheduled to work
  • Rota Clash – the system will alert you if there is a rota clash. It will also notify you if an employee is assigned to work at another branch that day, ensuring that you cannot rota them in two branches simultaneously.
  • Labour Budget – you can enter a weekly labour budget for each branch. This will be displayed in the Rota and the system will automatically calculate staff costs when rota shifts are input
  • Clock-in & Clock-out – when linked with the rota, this feature allows you to see staff that are late, have worked over time or even without a shift to accurately calculate wages. For security measures; staff can be restricted from using tills if not on the rota or too early for their shift. A biometric finger scanner ensures staff are physically present at the location to clock-in
  • Attendance – the system will display a list of staff, clock in times and hours worked each day. Differences between rota hours and actual hours worked will be highlighted in different colours for the manager to monitor attendance and approve any legitimate overtime
 Staff Management

Our HR module gives you complete control over your staff management; record and store contact details, visa documents and expiry dates, bank and payroll details, employment terms, logins and permissions, image and fingerprints, notes and a record of any training courses attended.


  • Employee Records – easily record and access epmployee records from any location, scan and save important documents and visas with expiry dates for automatic reminders
  • Login & Permissions – create unlimited eployee groups with flexible global and individual access rights, control how users can login to the system using pin, card or fingerprint
  • Labour Budget – you can enter a weekly labour budget for each branch. This will be displayed in the Rota and automatically calculate staff costs when rota shifts are input
  • Rota – easily and quickly create weekly rotas with custom and pre-set shifts. Copy week and email approved rota to staff automatically. With a labour budget set; the rota automatically lets you know if you’re within, near and over budget for cost control
  • Attendance -you can monitor actual hours worked (to calculate wages), compare and synchronize these with rota shifts, and prepare and send the data for integration with Sage (if your system is configured to do so)
  • Payroll – record and view relevant tax, NI and salary details for each employee and interfaces with Sage Payroll



 Mobile/Chip & Pin Payment

Chip & Pin allows you to offer your customers a fast and convenient method of payment for the goods and services you sell. 3S POS offers a fully integrated Chip & Pin solution in partnership with PSConnect and VeriFone payment processing systems.

With the PSConnect integration, we can offer intuitive Pay-At-Table features directly from the PDQ machine without having to walk back to the EPOS system to print bills or close tables. An integrated solution eliminates human input errors, turns tables faster and makes cash-up hassle free with automatic reconciliation.

Payment standards are changing rapidly and with the rise of mobile and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies, it has never been easier and more exciting to take part and offer your customers a new experience.

Cashless payments are secure and are a fast method of payment for low value transactions (typically under £20), ideal for businesses that require the quickest payment processing for a fast customer service.

 Sage Accounts & Payroll

Automate your accounting and payroll with our Sage integrated tools.

Synchronise your Sales, VAT, Suppliers, Purchase Orders, Employees and Payroll between 3S POS and Sage.

 Multi Currency

3S POS can accept multi currency payments and automatically update conversion rates for accurate sales.

Ideal for business’ that operate in airports and outside of the UK.



 Business Alerts Management

3S POS boasts a powerful Business Alerts Manager that automatically monitors your entire operation and alerts you or selected users in real-time.

The system can monitor and alert you on low/high stock levels or when received delivery is less than expected. It can track employee activity and alert you when they are late, when they open the till drawer with a no sale, make discounts or deletions. It can also alert you when employee visa’s or certain training certificates are running out so you can comply with the law and health & safety requirements.

 CCTV Integration

3S POS can offer additional security features to help you reduce theft by integrating with CCTV to overlay all transaction interactions as text on the camera facing the EPOS system.

When integrated, you can view a previous transaction from the EPOS system and automatically pull in the CCTV feed relevant to that location, date, time and assigned camera – without having to go to the DVR.


With our Biometric Attendance System, you can accurately track all your staff and see the exact hours they work, eliminating the possibility of your staff sharing their passcodes and swipe cards to clock each other in/out.

When linked with our Rota Manager, you can add additional security measures where only scheduled staff can log in to use the system and see which staff are consistently late or overclocking.

With a biometric fingerprint reader, we can also restrict certain functions in the system that would require the user to physically be in the location to be granted access.