EPOS point of sale software features sales stock staff management

An EPOS system is one of the best pieces of technology that the hospitality industry can have. Whether it’s for restaurants, bars and pubs or a large-scale food franchise, having a POS system can make your services far more efficient. You’ll probably know about the mainstream features on offer, such as sales and rota management – but do you know these other useful features that a POS system can offer your business?


1. Currency conversion 

If you’re a business that operates outside of the UK or in airports then this is the perfect point of sale feature for you. POS systems can accept multi-currency payments, offering you flexibility in the customer target markets you cater for. Not only this, but any conversion rates are automatically updated so you can be sure that your prices are always accurate. 


2. Management of multiple sites

We imagine many people believe that a POS system is capable of only organising a single restaurant – which isn’t very useful when you’re trying to stock and manage a chain located around a town, region, country or even the world. In actuality, POS systems are capable of controlling all of your sites no matter where they’re based, making it the ideal franchise management system


3. Loyalty scheme and promotional offer management 

POS systems aren’t just for the… well, the point of sale. They can also aid you in ensuring the continuation of sales so that customers return again and again. You can reward customer loyalty by creating loyalty schemes which can be handled through the POS system, as well as maximising customer engagement via a variety of creative promotional offers


4. Keep track of payrolls

As well as ensuring customer satisfaction, you can also potentially increase the productivity of your staff by having a clear payroll policy.Because let’s face it, people work harder when there’s no confusion over when they’re working and how much for! Tracking staff attendance is easy when you implement biometric attendance and integrate it with smart rotas and payroll.  Some POS systems can integrate with Sage tools to view accounting details, employee wages, VAT and supplier information, making it efficient to keep track of business aspects. 


Here at 3S POS, our systems can provide all of these features and much more!

If you need an EPOS system for your business, get in contact with us to arrange a software demo to help your business thrive.

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