Mobile / Chip & Pin Payment

Chip & Pin allows you to offer your customers a fast and convenient method of payment for the goods and services you sell. 3S POS offers a fully integrated Chip & Pin solution in partnership with PSConnect and VeriFone payment processing systems.

With the PSConnect integration, we can offer intuitive Pay-At-Table features directly from the PDQ machine without having to walk back to the EPOS system to print bills or close tables. An integrated solution eliminates human input errors, turns tables faster and makes cash-up hassle free with automatic reconciliation.

Payment standards are changing rapidly and with the rise of mobile and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies, it has never been easier and more exciting to take part and offer your customers a new experience.

Cashless payments are secure and are a fast method of payment for low value transactions (typically under £20), ideal for businesses that require the quickest payment processing for a fast customer service.


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