Customer Relationship Management

The more you know about your customers the more you learn about your business. All 3S POS systems come ready with an intuitive customer relationship manager to capture vital customer information and behaviour.

With an active loyalty scheme; you can reward customers, see spending habits and customise offers to keep them coming through the door.

Integrated with telephone and online ordering you can streamline your takeaway orders, know who your customer is before picking up the phone and see delivery preferences/distances.

  • Customer Contact Details – store customers personal and prefered contact details
  • Customer Types – assign customer types for special discounts, marketing and loyalty schemes
  • Multiple Delivery Addresses – allow customers to have multiple delivery addresses rather than creating multiple accounts
  • Customer Accounts/Loyalty – see customer loyalty points, credit limits and deposits
  • Customer Preferences – store customer allergies, marketing preferences and likes/dislikes
  • Customer Purchase History – see customers history of purchases and prefered orders


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