Attendance & Rota Management

Attendance & Rota Management

Attendance & Rota Management allows you to plan ahead, keep on top of budgets, see when staff are on holiday and when they are scheduled at other branches.

In Attendance you can monitor actual hours worked (to calculate wages), compare and synchronize these with rota shifts, and prepare and send the data for integration with Sage.

Our biometric attendance adds an extra layer of security and control over your business.

  • Rota Management – easily create the rota for the week, relavant branch and employees. Copy rotas to following weeks, export to pdf and approve rota to automatically email to all employees scheduled to work
  • Rota Clash – the system will alert you if there is a rota clash. It will also notify you if an employee is assigned to work at another branch that day, ensuring that you cannot rota them in two branches simultaneously.
  • Labour Budget – you can enter a weekly labour budget for each branch. This will be displayed in the Rota and the system will automatically calculate staff costs when rota shifts are input
  • Clock-in & Clock-out – when linked with the rota, this feature allows you to see staff that are late, have worked over time or even without a shift to accurately calculate wages. For security measures; staff can be restricted from using tills if not on the rota or too early for their shift. A biometric finger scanner ensures staff are physically present at the location to clock-in
  • Attendance – the system will display a list of staff, clock in times and hours worked each day. Differences between rota hours and actual hours worked will be highlighted in different colours for the manager to monitor attendance and approve any legitimate overtime


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