4 signs you need a new POS system

Four Effective Ways To Indentify You Need an EPOS System Update

With new ground-breaking technologies emerging at a high rate, regularly upgrading your restaurant POS is becoming increasingly essential. Failure to adopt new high-tech systems has the potential to handicap your business and lead to costly damages. Here are some strong … Continue Reading

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4 Simple Ways to Successfully Leverage Customer Feedback

When running any business in the hospitality industry, it is absolutely essential that you put every effort into ensuring the customer enjoys and appreciates their experience. While marketing and advertising can play an important role in getting your business’ name … Continue Reading

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Is Your Restaurant Managing Social Media as Well as It Should Be?

Nowadays, social media management for restaurants in an essential technology in its own right. What’s the first thing you do when you’re researching somewhere to eat? You look it up, then invariably end up scrolling through one of their social … Continue Reading

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2019 Hospitality Trends to Influence Your POS System Choice

The hospitality industry is nowhere near what it used to be. Gone are the traditional dining and purchasing experiences where staff members are simply there to process an order or a sale. Now, customers are looking for an entirely different … Continue Reading

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Common EPOS till system myths exposed

5 Myths About EPOS Systems Exposed

  The prospect of introducing a new restaurant management system can seem extremely daunting, which is only made worse by the many myths circulating about EPOS systems. Here we’re going to take expose five myths about this restaurant management software, … Continue Reading

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EPOS point of sale software features sales stock staff management

EPOS System Features You May Not Know About

An EPOS system is one of the best pieces of technology that the hospitality industry can have. Whether it’s for restaurants, bars and pubs or a large-scale food franchise, having a POS system can make your services far more efficient. … Continue Reading

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3 reasons why even small cafés need a POS system

When most people think of a POS (Point of Sale) system, they think of big, fancy restaurant chains that are bustling with customers and staff alike. Though that may be the norm, in reality, food chains of all shapes and … Continue Reading

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Aside from the universal benefits that digital technology is bringing to every kind of business in the hospitality industry, it is also changing how patrons drink and socialise in new and exciting ways…

How Technology Is Changing the Way Bar Patrons Drink

Restaurants, bars and pubs represent one of the oldest business models in existence. Even so, the restless advance of technology hasn’t left them by the wayside. Aside from the universal benefits that digital technology is bringing to every kind of … Continue Reading

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Instagram Tips for Restaurants Marketing Engagement

Top 3 Instagram Tips for Restaurants to Skyrocket Engagement

One of the most popular ways of engaging with customers on social media in the restaurant business is through Instagram. As this platform focuses far more on pictures and showing off the aesthetics of food, drink, and the restaurant itself, … Continue Reading

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restaurant POS system benefits

3 Surprising Benefits of a Restaurant POS System

POS systems are becoming increasingly used throughout the restaurant industry due to their ability to improve customer management and boost efficiency. Different restaurant POS systems will offer different advantages depending upon what you need your system to do, and thus … Continue Reading

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