traditional EPOS systems

If you’ve recently started a retail or hospitality business and are in the market for an electronic point of sale system (EPOS), you will be faced with numerous decisions. Not only are there countless brands to choose from, but you will first need to decide between a cloud based solution and a network based traditional EPOS systems.

Understanding the difference between the two systems is important as you ultimately want to choose which one makes most sense for your business.  For many businesses, though, traditional EPOS systems are still the best choice because they offer consumers a sense of security and familiarity.

Differences between Traditional EPOS Systems and a Cloud EPOS Systems


Traditional EPOS systems need to be installed on the premises with a local database and are not dependant on a fast stable internet connection.  Cloud based EPOS systems have their database hosted online and require a fast, reliable internet connection at all times.


Both network based and cloud based EPOS systems work from stationary terminals and mobile tablets. 3S POS hardware and EPOS terminals are linked together using the local network in the premises without needing an internet connection.


Both traditional EPOS systems and cloud based EPOS systems may require support on location if there are hardware issues. However, most software support can be done over the telephone. Remote support is also possible depending on the issue. At 3S POS we pride ourselves on our remote customer support for all our clients. As we carry out all installations on site, our support teams really understand your set-up. Cloud based companies tend not to carry out any on-site support and lack the know-how that 3S POS have developed over the last 15 years in understanding your industry needs. Also, with Cloud based EPOS companies reaching a remote support team can take hours if not days to resolve your issues.


Traditional network based EPOS systems require the database to be installed locally. Either on one of the EPOS terminals for a small business or a server in the back office for larger businesses.  This is very helpful if the internet connection is lost, your files and data is still easily accessible.  Cloud based solutions store all their data on remote cloud servers. These can only be accessed through the internet. No internet, no business. Some Cloud based systems offer offline mode encase the internet connection is disrupted. However, if you have multiple EPOS terminals in the same location, they will stop communicating with each other regardless of the offline mode.


At 3S POS, we can offer the benefits of both systems with our hybrid solutions. You can have a traditional EPOS system installed with a local database that is secure and constantly syncing with our cloud servers. This way your data is always available with live reports and your business is not interrupted when there is no internet connection.

Advantages of the 3S POS EPOS software

  • Does not require an internet connection for EPOS system to work
  • Onsite and cloud data back-up available
  • Hybrid systems give you the reliability of a locally installed database in traditional EPOS systems and the always accessible data of a cloud EPOS system from anywhere in the world.
  • Can be customized and set up to work exactly the way you want to run your business
  • Is constantly evolving with new features and technologies
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Powered by people. A superb development & support team who understand your business requirements and are always ready to help.

Traditional network based EPOS systems will continue to serve a critical purpose for business operators.  In addition to processing sales and payments easily, 3S POS EPOS systems help control your staff, customers and inventory all from one system. For full list of features please visit our EPOS solutions page.

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