restaurant POS system benefits

3 Surprising Benefits of a Restaurant POS System

POS systems are becoming increasingly used throughout the restaurant industry due to their ability to improve customer management and boost efficiency. Different restaurant POS systems will offer different advantages depending upon what you need your system to do, and thus … Continue Reading

Food Franchise POS system

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Best POS System for Your Food Franchise

If you are a restaurant owner with a chain of franchises, apart from service quality, your choice of technology will significantly impact on your success as a brand. Specifically, your choice of point of sale (POS) system will substantially help … Continue Reading

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How Technology is Helping Dark Kitchens Expand Delivery Business

There has been increasing talk of dark kitchens in the media and how they are taking over the takeaway trade. But what exactly is a dark kitchen? What is a ‘Ghost Kitchen’? Dark kitchens, or ghost kitchens, are professional kitchens … Continue Reading

Relieving the Pain of Peak-time Pressure in Restaurants

Relieving the Pain of Peak-time Pressure in Restaurants

Even the smoothest running hospitality business can find the cracks start to show during an unexpected rush of customers. These instances test their systems and their staff’s ability to cope with pressure. Instead of being a cause for celebration, an … Continue Reading

Ai changing restaurant industry

3 Ways AI Is Set to Change the Restaurant Industry

Artificial intelligence is developing at a feverish rate and becoming more and more visible in the public sphere, making it an incredibly exciting time to be a business owner, or anyone for that matter! Though it’s mostly uncharted territory for … Continue Reading

Three Potential Challenges the Hospitality Industry Will Face In 2019

Technology and the business environment are constantly changing. With each new change comes challenges and opportunities. Without the right outlook, your restaurant business can suffer from a lack of growth or even decline. Yet challenges can be useful to develop … Continue Reading

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How Restaurant Owners Can Combine Social Media and Physical Marketing

Combining social media and physical marketing helps improve existing marketing methods. It can also attract potential customers from new channels and lead to greater engagement with your target market. Once a customer is engaged, they are not only more likely … Continue Reading

Restaurant Management Software 3S POS EPOS for Hospitality Business Management software

5 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management has come a long way and the days of using notepads and spreadsheets to complete the smallest tasks are over. While nearly every large-scale restaurant may flaunt it, not every small restaurant owner has decided to make the … Continue Reading

Advantages of EPOS Systems for Franchises

Being part of a franchise has many rewards and having the right franchise EPOS system in place will help seamlessly manage all aspects of business. From the franchisee’s freedom to manage their own site, while still having the support of … Continue Reading

The 6 Best Restaurant Trade Shows to Attend in 2019

Why Visit Restaurant Trade Shows? We feel there is no better way to experience the best products and restaurant technology innovations than to see them in action. Therefore, every year we take time to showcase our EPOS suite of software … Continue Reading