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Restaurant management has come a long way and the days of using notepads and spreadsheets to complete the smallest tasks are over. While nearly every large-scale restaurant may flaunt it, not every small restaurant owner has decided to make the change to professional management software. But regardless of how you crunch the numbers, there’s no denying that switching to great automated software saves you time and money. It also lets you drive your business towards achieving more growth and profitability.

Still need a reason to purchase quality restaurant management software? Here are the top five reasons why you should consider stepping it up.


1. Take control of your inventory

Your kitchen is busy enough as it is. Cut down on some of the daily chaos by knowing exactly what happens to your ingredients, how much you’re paying for them and when you need to re-stock. Why waste hours ogling over inventories when you could just have the whole process automated? Restaurant management software allows you to do just that. By using point of sale technology, with an inventory module, every time you input an order the system will automatically deduct the ingredients that go into every dish. That way, you will know exactly how much stock, down to ingredient level, you have left at the end of your business hours.


2. Track sales easily

Move away from time-consuming manual accounting practices and enter the digital age of productivity. With restaurant management software, you can track every last cash and credit card transaction and account for every penny easily. And with all your business data in one centralised location, this software makes it easier than ever before to keep track of your taxes, profits and expenses while eliminating the possibility for any mistakes.


3. Process debit and credit cards

With more and more people going cashless every day, processing electronic payments is critical to retaining your customer base. Restaurant management software makes this a possibility by allowing your customers to pay with their credit/debit cards when they need to. This makes business management easier and convenient while creating a secure way for customers to enjoy your food and services.


4. Comprehensive analysis

Make your sales management tasks easier by having your business information stored securely and methodically. Restaurant management software allows restaurant owners and operators to access any aspect of the business’ data quickly and at any time. This feature enables you to easily create sales strategies that work by studying reports on previous sales information and track the success of your new strategies using the software.


5. Manage employees

Keep track of how well your employees perform by using well-designed restaurant management software to monitor them. Investing in this can help you to maximise productivity by scheduling employees, observing their time and attendance and letting you stay on top of employee leave and absent reports. This allows your restaurant to achieve its full potential by managing your workforce in the most effective and profitable way possible.


Having a fast, efficient and reliable EPOS suite in place empowers a hospitality business and promotes best practice. View the full list of EPOS solutions 3S POS offer.

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