Common EPOS till system myths exposed


The prospect of introducing a new restaurant management system can seem extremely daunting, which is only made worse by the many myths circulating about EPOS systems. Here we’re going to take expose five myths about this restaurant management software, and explain how it actually works.


1. They are complicated to use

Contrary to popular belief, EPOS systems are not scary and complex to manage but are quite the opposite. Designed to be user-friendly, these systems facilitate increased customer engagement to enhance business reputation and improve profitability.


2. They provide limited support

Managing a restaurant is not a 9-5 job with the ability to clock in and out during these hours. If you do have a query, you won’t have to wait for a response within standard business hours. Support is available 24/7, in the unlikely event that you will encounter difficulties. As the data from the system is backed up to the cloud, reports such as customer analytics, sales figures and many other data can be accessed by the management team from anywhere with an internet connection.


3. They are expensive

The wealth of benefits that EPOS systems can provide often mean that they seem like a particularly pricey choice. However, the cost of EPOS systems is extremely variable, which means that there is a system to suit every budget.


4. They rely on a good internet connection

Unlike other software, a good EPOS system will continue to run even when encountering a slow or suspended internet connection. As all data is stored on on-premise servers, this enables the system to remain fully backed-up, minimising the risk of losing information that is essential to your business.


5. They make implementing special offers and reductions complicated

Manually introducing special offers and altering prices using traditional cash registers is a painstaking process. However, the same cannot be said for EPOS systems. They calculate such changes automatically and your inventory is updated at the same time. The system also provides feedback on the effectiveness of promotions, providing invaluable business insights that can be relied on when considering future strategies.

If you want to implement a reliable EPOS system to benefit your business, contact 3S POS to discover how our range of solutions can help you.

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