When most people think of a POS (Point of Sale) system, they think of big, fancy restaurant chains that are bustling with customers and staff alike. Though that may be the norm, in reality, food chains of all shapes and sizes could do with using a POS system – this includes smaller-scale local cafes. 

Here are some reasons why: 


1. Handheld ordering 

With a handheld POS, your staff members can quickly go table-to-table, ensuring that your customers don’t have to wait too long to order. If they get serviced fast, it’s more likely that they’ll leave a good review online or in-store. This means that your business will be more likely to have loyal returning customers, ensuring a consistent sale level. Having a handheld POS will also increase productivity among your workforce as they’ll constantly be on the move. 

Handheld ordering tablet solution table side orders


2. Reward loyal customers 

Keeping the previous point of returning customers in mind, we move onto the next reason that getting a POS system for your café will be worth it. With a POS system, you can create and keep track of loyalty schemes for maximum customer engagement, enticing them to come back and spend more money. Not only that, but as you can tailor loyalty schemes and promotional offers to certain target groups (for instance, based on a certain postcode area, gender or age), your customers will feel like they are being treated on a more personal level and will want to return. 

Loyalty treatz app 5loyalty customer engagement



3. Manage your orders to suppliers 

If a large-scale restaurant chain runs out of an ingredient, there’s a good chance that they can simply drop that item off the menu and still have, let’s say, seven or eight alternatives lined up to offer to guests. However, with a small café, you might not have that luxury. So try to avoid that scenario as best as you can by using a POS system. It enables you to easily track your inventory and order history and send out orders to suppliers at the drop of a hat, so you can foresee when you’re about to run out of an item and get it back in stock before trouble arises. 




If you’re running a small café and feel like traditional POS methods aren’t bringing your business to its full potential, then contact us today. At 3S POS, we pride ourselves on providing advanced EPOS Systems to suit our client’s needs and support them into a more efficiently run future.

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