The hospitality industry is nowhere near what it used to be. Gone are the traditional dining and purchasing experiences where staff members are simply there to process an order or a sale. Now, customers are looking for an entirely different experience. Here are some current 2019 trends and statistics to help you tailor your POS system choice for your business success.


Creating authentic customer experiences

These days, in the eyes of consumers, the customer experience is prioritised over making actual purchases. 91% of consumers stated in a survey that they favour brands that tailor their experiences to them, with suitable offers based on habits and personalised touches. To really maximise customer engagement, get a POS system that enables you to create customer loyalty schemes and promotions customisable to your target audiences.


Mobile payments leading the way

Cash is no longer the favourite way to pay. At the point of sale, customers are preferring to pay with cards and contactless methods instead. Indeed, a recent survey states that 8 out of 10 customers use some sort of mobile phone or tablet while in-store, and 73% of customers use significantly less cash in the past. Despite this, 23% of POS users still don’t accept all of these methods as payment. Get ahead of the curve by purchasing a POS system that enables fast and secure mobile and chip & pin payments.


Biometric systems on the rise

More and more businesses every day are opting to use biometric systems to monitor their staff’s attendance. It’s quick to set up and even faster to utilise, and is a fool-proof way to monitor when employees can clock in and out. As it’s a fast method to use, staff productivity may be increased as they can quickly get onto the shop floor from clocking in. Interestingly, 68% of customers say that they would like to use biometric confirmations of payment as opposed to cards or cash, as the information is unique to them and thus far less likely to be hacked. Whilst it’s only just being introduced into certain sectors such as banking, keep a close eye on biometrics entering the hospitality industry in the not too distant future if you want to be at the forefront of providing the optimum customer experience.


At 3S POS, we offer EPOS systems with all of the above features! If you’re looking for point of sale technology that’s cutting edge and reliable, get in contact with us today.

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